Traditional and Digital Marketing by Hafiz Dagata

Traditional vs Digital Marketing by Hafiz Dagata

People always talk about traditional and digital marketing regarding their cost, implementation and effectiveness. “They always ask me, on which platform should we choose to get the mass audience?” he said. He is Muhammad Hafiz or Hafiz Dagata the digital marketing expert. Traditional marketing is tangible things that can be seen by people that being used to do marketing. For example we have newspaper ads, billboards ads and through radio. Despite that, digital marketing is a platform that using digital technology like websites, email and media social. For me in this ages things to differentiate between traditional and digital marketing is that the platform that can get the target audience and measure the conversion rate.

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“What is the best solution?”

Hafiz Dagata Choice

“It’s depends on your sale’s target, business direction and targeted audience” he said.  The solutions only come after you decide it.  People always said that digital marketing has high conversion rate. Well it’s true but it doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is dead. Hafiz Dagata explained that when you have your sale’s target on how much you want to sell by this month then try to make it directly proportional with your business direction. By these two you can try to get targeted audience. Case study: Nescafé by Nestlé and iPhone by Apple. Yes we can see that both of them spend millions of bucks to market their product. That is not the thing we want to highlight. Try look at the platform they have been used. Are they just only use digital marketing or just depends on traditional marketing? They use both! People will debate on this topic to choose which one is the best and they have pro and cont. Many criteria need to be listed and measured to implement this strategy from what we can see that Nescafé’s billboard always near at the street that have high traffic jam. For the digital they spend of Fb ads and Instagram ads for people at age 20-40 years old.

“Analyze your position”

“Know your position” he said. Based on AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) you need to know at what stage you are. From this stage you can know which kind of platform that suitable for your marketing strategy. Remember, different stages got different platform. Hafiz Dagata claims that many organization get wrong decision making in their marketing strategy where they just rely on only one platform to cater all the AIDA stages. Plus it also wrong to spend both on the same stage.

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“My choice” – Hafiz Dagata

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“Of course digital marketing” Hafiz Dagata said. He claims that digital marketing is his choice because it can be measured. “I never said that traditional marketing is not an effective platform but it’s very difficult to be measured”. When you spend millions of buck for sure you want to measure the ROI. More details on where he can assists your business on the digital marketing side.

Hafiz dagata
Hafiz Dagata

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