Maid Malaysia and the Hardship Faced By Maid Agencies

Encountering Challenges Faced by Maid Agencies in Malaysia

The modern household has been evolving over time. Previously, the husband would be the one working and provide for the entire family, and women tend to be housewives. Nowadays, the trend has changed whereby women are seen to be more involved in contributing to the family income by working full-time as well. This has caused the demand for maid services to increase exponentially.

Factors That Make Running A Maid Agency More Difficult

Alongside with the rising need, many factors has affected the ability for agencies and clients to connect in making sure that they get the assistance they want, that is a reliable maid. Since Malaysia families tend to opt for a maid from other countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines or even Thailand; a political tension between the nations that affect immigration policies will become a  problem. For example, a few years ago the Indonesian presidents threatened to prevent it citizens from migrating to Malaysia to work as a domestic helper. Luckily, the threat was not realized. Even though some regulations have been updated, but getting a maid from Indonesia is possible.

Not only that, demands to increase the salary of foreign maids in Malaysia had also been made. There has been a strong debate between the advocates of foreign maid welfare and the clients. Due to the diminishing value of the Malaysian Ringgit and a number of other factors, the cost of hiring a foreign maid, just like any other products and services, had risen. This has been made worse with the imposition of regulations by the relevant authorities.

With the challenges in hiring due to complex rules and higher fees, it is only logical for a client to demand high-quality services from maid agencies.  While the market has been saturated with mediocre agencies that replicate the function of the other,  Maid Malaysia has been quick to gain its advantage.

Maid Malaysia | Maid Agency in Malaysia

How Maid Malaysia Cuts Through the Rough

Cost-effectiveness and quality control have been the two main factor that really puts this agency on a special place. Maid Malaysia understands that clients would always expect to get what they pay for, and therefore the agency went the extra miles to provide the best services with high degree of hospitality.

Not only that, they have also created an innovate way to do a background check in making sure that the maids deployed at the clients’ homes are not only competent but also trustworthy.

Even with these two bullets, they managed to cut through the competitiveness of the maid services industry. In the end, great value is what can bring a service or product to a greater height. If you are looking for a reliable maid agency in Malaysia, we would highly recommend