The 5 Most Valuable Marketing Skills by Blueninja

Anybody with an advertising & marketing occupation including us Blueninja will concur that the business is exceptionally broad and changed, with work scopes going from brand management to content marketing.

The greater part of the 6,000 respondents figured digital and online marketing will be the most esteemed aptitude in 2014. The review likewise takes a gander at the distinctive organisational sizes and the marketing skills most looked for after in every one of them. The outcomes changed, interestingly, however, there are 5 skills that emerged the most. We take a look at each of them:

Digital and online marketing



With the lion’s share of consumers approaching the web and owning no less than one smartphone, it shocks no one that digital and online marketing has turned into the favoured method for contacting them.

Relatively every organization and brand has jumped onto this temporary fad, particularly the medium and substantial organizations. Digital and online marketing positions as the main most valuable skill in the two associations, while coming in at third place for little organizations.

Brand Management

Blueninja Brand Management

Building up an organization’s brand to separate itself from its rivals initially came to fruition in the 1980s. From that point forward, associations have been building up their names, logos, tonality and whatever another element that work toward setting up mark mindfulness and client steadfastness. It is still of indispensable significance today, where the opposition has extraordinarily escalated.

Brand management is the second most valuable skill in substantial huge organizations, the third most significant in medium organizations, and the fourth most important in small organizations.

Business Development business development

Business development is maybe the broadest of all marketing & advertising skills. One needs to have information about sales, client mind, customer care, operations, promoting and administration keeping in mind the end goal to keep up and extend the business.

This clarifies why it is the most significant ability for little organizations and the second most valuable skill for medium organizations. Business development did not make it to the best 5 most valuable skill for substantial huge organizations.

Content Marketing


The utilization of free yet important data to draw in clients to a brand isn’t another methodology. Actually, it goes back to the late 1800s. However, content marketing assumes an inexorably critical part of the present market since how effectively distributable data has moved toward becoming with web-based social networking or social media. In Blueninja Digital Marketing agency, we always optimize our website and blog’s content to be stand out in the din of mediocre blog posts clogging up the internet these days.

After digital and online marketing and brand management, content promoting positions as the third most profitable ability in expansive associations. It is fourth and fifth in positioning for medium and little associations separately.