Aliff Mazli on Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Malaysian digital marketing consultant expresses his opinion on entrepreneurship

2017 is the year where the number of entrepreneurs grows like mushrooms after the rain. Feeling the financial pressure from the unstable economic condition and weak Ringgit positioning, many have decided not to rely 100% on their monthly salary and began to consider a part-time job or even starting their own business. While having a part-time job is not the focus of this article, we emphasize more on discussing the matter of starting one’s own business. While many have considered or even started, many had failed too. We interviewed Aliff Mazli, a digital marketing consultant who has been active in helping SMEs in Malaysia grow on what the problems are and how they can be encountered.

Aliff Mazli Digital Marketing Consultant Malaysia
Aliff Mazli

Survivorship Bias

It is common to see entrepreneurs out there copying the business model of a successful brand.  They were fed with so many success stories that at one point, they came to believe that they could have been just as successful as the one who first made it. Wanting to turn their brand into the next Facebook, Instagram, or even McDonalds had been the dream of many people that they often invested tremendous effort into it; these entrepreneurs did not realize that these brands are what we call as “unicorn” brands, and millions of other entrepreneurs simply fail.

However, they are not the ones to blame. It has been a cruel nature that only success stories get media coverage, and therefore influencing wannabes to give a similar model a shot. Unfortunately, most did not know how hard those megabrand founders had to work, and evidently, it is also luck (and the more hours they clocked in, the luckier they get) that puts them where they are.

Poor Business Plan

According to Aliff Mazli, most of the people out there aren’t educated enough to create a solid business plan. Those who are interested in startups, for example, did not have proper planning and therefore resulted in poor management. This is also why most dream companies and brands never get past ideation.

Though planning is necessary, it is not what realizes a dream. A plan simply creates a guideline and timeline on how and when a step should be taken towards realizing that dream. At the end of the day, execution is the key.

Zero Marketing Effort

It is also surprising how many people neglected marketing in their business model. Of course, it will be easy to market a product especially when the product itself is so sensational that it can create virality on its own. However, creating virality is not a simple task, and most of the time, no special element is present in the product or brand. Say for example a person starts a security guard business; how unique can his brand be compared to the others?

To solve this problem, branding should have also been considered. When starting up a business, one should expect the need to invest in marketing through media buys (especially in digital marketing) in order to create awareness.

Financial Management

Sometimes, startups can have a good start but die not long after. The reason is mostly due to poor financial management. It is not uncommon to hear new business owners get too excited when they start making money that they begin to spend faster than they make money. This unbalanced cash flow will drain out the financial resources of the new company within no time.

In order to avoid such issue, one should be disciplined enough and should be able to separate accounts. Some portion, of course, can be used (getting to enjoy the money is the main objective anyway), but truly the key to sustainability is to maintain enough amount of cash in the company’s account so that it can be used for development, greater marketing effort, and scaling the business.

Summing it all up

Success requires knowledge and hard work. Entrepreneurs who really wants to succeed should prepare financially, physically, mentally, and also emotionally before they ride the tide. If not, building a failed empire would have been a huge waste of time – and to waste time is the worst kind of wastage.

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for advice in marketing and how it can help to grow your business, feel free to get in touch with Aliff at

Maid Malaysia and the Hardship Faced By Maid Agencies

Encountering Challenges Faced by Maid Agencies in Malaysia

The modern household has been evolving over time. Previously, the husband would be the one working and provide for the entire family, and women tend to be housewives. Nowadays, the trend has changed whereby women are seen to be more involved in contributing to the family income by working full-time as well. This has caused the demand for maid services to increase exponentially.

Factors That Make Running A Maid Agency More Difficult

Alongside with the rising need, many factors has affected the ability for agencies and clients to connect in making sure that they get the assistance they want, that is a reliable maid. Since Malaysia families tend to opt for a maid from other countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines or even Thailand; a political tension between the nations that affect immigration policies will become a  problem. For example, a few years ago the Indonesian presidents threatened to prevent it citizens from migrating to Malaysia to work as a domestic helper. Luckily, the threat was not realized. Even though some regulations have been updated, but getting a maid from Indonesia is possible.

Not only that, demands to increase the salary of foreign maids in Malaysia had also been made. There has been a strong debate between the advocates of foreign maid welfare and the clients. Due to the diminishing value of the Malaysian Ringgit and a number of other factors, the cost of hiring a foreign maid, just like any other products and services, had risen. This has been made worse with the imposition of regulations by the relevant authorities.

With the challenges in hiring due to complex rules and higher fees, it is only logical for a client to demand high-quality services from maid agencies.  While the market has been saturated with mediocre agencies that replicate the function of the other,  Maid Malaysia has been quick to gain its advantage.

Maid Malaysia | Maid Agency in Malaysia

How Maid Malaysia Cuts Through the Rough

Cost-effectiveness and quality control have been the two main factor that really puts this agency on a special place. Maid Malaysia understands that clients would always expect to get what they pay for, and therefore the agency went the extra miles to provide the best services with high degree of hospitality.

Not only that, they have also created an innovate way to do a background check in making sure that the maids deployed at the clients’ homes are not only competent but also trustworthy.

Even with these two bullets, they managed to cut through the competitiveness of the maid services industry. In the end, great value is what can bring a service or product to a greater height. If you are looking for a reliable maid agency in Malaysia, we would highly recommend

Datuk Ramanan Ramakrishnan Warns About Investment Scams

A Guide To Detect An Investment Scam

Investment scams are often targeted to a specific group of people, usually ethnic communities comprising certain professionals or the elderly. Most fraudsters frequently pretend to be members of the community, often lauding or spouting respected leaders to falsely convey their endorsements for their investment scams. This helps with their intention to spread the word about the scheme and to convince people further that their investment scam is legitimate and valuable. Numerous times, people become unwitting victims of the fraudster’s deception.

Let’s look into one of the most recent case examples of an investment scam – the Venus FX syndicate that launched the forex sham. Around 23,000 people were conned, including 17,000 Malaysian Indians that were cheated out of their hard-earned money. A total of about RM78 million (USD 18.1 million) was swindled and all these victims were represented by a renowned social advocator against Ponzi Schemes, Datuk Ramanan Ramakrishnan.

Datuk Ramanan Ramakrishnan | MIC | Ahli Parlimen Malaysia
The Press Secretary to the Senate President of Malaysia and former Treasurer-General of MIC, Datuk Ramanan Ramakrishnan

The press secretary to the Senate President of Malaysia and former treasurer-general of MIC, Datuk Ramanan joined the victims in filing police reports against VenusFX and progressed to hold a press conference to expose the façade, unfolding the modus operandi of the scam and the chief perpetrators. Datuk Ramanan also shouldered the responsibility to legally fight for the victims to help them recover their losses.

This investment scam is a fine illustration of how fraudsters exploit prominent names in their schemes and manipulate trust and friendship among groups of people, intentionally causing difficulty for law enforcement or regulators to detect the scam. Usually, the victims don’t notify the authorities quickly or pursue legal procedures because they still hope that they can work it out with the fraudsters to recover their money.

These investment scams are similar to Ponzi or pyramid schemes, where money from new investors is used to make payments to earlier investors to provide a false impression that the investment is successful. This enables the fraudsters to convince new investors to pour money into the scheme while reassuring the existing investors that their investments are safe and sound.

The truth is, the fraudsters have already stolen the money for their own use. The inevitable occurs when the whole scheme collapses as soon as the supply of new investors runs out and all the current investors are left in the dry when they discover that all of their money is gone.

How To Detect A Scam

We all know that any investment will always involve some degree of risk. Before buying, try minimizing your investment risk by asking questions and obtaining information about any investment to avoid being scammed. What you need to look out for:

When you’re being approached with an investment opportunity

No matter how trustworthy that person introducing you to the investment is, you need to investigate everything thoroughly. Check that all information that you are told about the investment is true. Sometimes, the person telling you about the investment may have been fooled by the fraudsters themselves into believing that the investment scheme is genuine and legitimate.

When you’re being promised unbelievable income or guaranteed returns

If an investment sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You should be extremely suspicious when approached with investments that claim to have no risks because no investments are risk-free. The golden rule is, the higher the potential returns of an investment are said to be, the higher the risk of losing money. Therefore, the classic signs of a scam are promises of quick and high returns with minimal or no risk involved.

When you’re presented with an investment opportunity that’s not in writing

Legitimate investments are usually in writing, so be skeptical when you’re told that an investment does not have written particulars because fraudsters often avoid putting things in the script. You should also be on guard if you’re told to keep the investment opportunity a secret.

When you’re pressured or rushed into buying an investment

Don’t be hasty, give yourself a chance to think about it and investigate the investment. Don’t be misled with the knowledge that someone you know claimed to have made money because it doesn’t guarantee that you will too. Be extremely suspicious when ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ investments are pitched to you especially those with exclusive or confidential information.

When you receive email spams about ‘winning’ investments

If you receive an unsolicited e-mail from an unknown person or entity that contains a ‘great opportunity of a lifetime’ investment, it’s best to move on and pass up the ‘great opportunity’. Help others from getting scammed by reporting it to the Securities Commission Malaysia or Bank Negara Malaysia.

Al-Muslihin Herbs Dalam Usaha Modenisasi Herbalisme

Al-Muslihin Herbs Dalam Era Modenisasi Pemasaran Produk Herba Tradisional

Pada masa kini, industri perubatan tradisional sememangnya semakin berkembang. Meskipun masyarakat telah ditawarkan dengan pelbagai produk sintetik di luar sana sepertimana yang dijual di farmasi-farmasi, namun ramai yang lebih menyukai kaedah alternatif seperti produk yang berasaskan herba dalam merawat penyakit mereka.

Mengapakan perkara sebegini boleh berlaku meskipu terdapat kaedah yang berteknologi tinggi dalam memproses dan menghasilkan ubat-ubatan? Menurut kajian, persepsi masyarakat pada masa kini telah pun berubah kerana wujudnya konsep “smart consumerism” yang mana pengguna lebih celik akan produk-produk yang diambil mereka. Produk ubat-ubatan yang berstatus “medicinal drugs” biasanya menggunakan bahan sintetik atau tiruan yang selalunya mempunyai kesan sampingan. Manakala, produk berasaskan herba pula diyakini mempunyai kesan yang lebih baik.

Al-Muslihin Herbs | Produk Herba Tradisional | Ubat Resdung | Ubat Gout | Ubat Buasir

Revolusi Industri Perubatan Masa Kini Ke Arah Mempopularkan Produk Herba Tradisional

Jika kita perhatikan cara industri perubatan berevolusi sejak dahulu lagi, sememangnya tidak dapat dinafikan ianya telah bermula dengan penggunaan herb-herba. Kemudian, wujudlah pula kaedah perubatan yang berunsur mistik. Hal ini berlaku kerana adanya kepercayaan yang karut sebelum adanya sains.

Setelah bidang sains mula diperkenalkan, terdapatlah pelopor-pelopor perubatan yang mempopularkan perubatan di dalam konsep yang baru. Pada masa yang sama, teknologi dan peralatan perubatan telah dicipta dan menjadikan bidang perubatan sesuatu yang profesional. Pada masa inilah ubat-ubatan seperti penicilin dicipta. Dengan adanya juga perkembangan industri pembuatan, pengilangan ubat-ubatan telah diperkenalkan.

Melihat daripada sudut pemasaran pula, pada waktu revolusi industri seperti inilah pemasaran ubat-ubatan diperkukuhkan dan terus menjadikan ia popular. Meskipun ia telah meningkatkan penjualan ubat-ubatan, kini pada saintis telah mengkaji semula faedah herba-herba tradisional.

Pemahaman yang semakin mendalam tentang kebaikan bahan semulajadi ini secara tidak langsung telah dikongsikan bersama masyarakat di luar sana. Pada waktu inilah, bidang herbalisme semakin diperluaskan.  Akhirnya, herba seperti mas cotek, kulit kayu manis, lidah buaya dan sebagainya telahpun mendapat populariti dan tahap keberkesanannya dalam merawat penyakit mula disebarkan dengan informasi yang lebih mudah difahami dan disokong oleh kajian saintifik.

Peluang Diambil Jenama Seperti Al-Muslihin Herbs untuk Mempopularkan Herbalisme

Perkara inilah yang mendorong jenama-jenama produk herba tradisional seperti Al-Muslihin Herbs untuk cuba mempelopori pasaran dengan cara mendidik masyarakat tentang penggunaan ubat-ubatan yang semulajadi, berkesan, dan mudah untuk digunakan. Produk-produk untuk mengubati penyakit seperti resdung, buasir dan juga gout juga telah dipasarkan semula untuk mendapat kepercayaan masyarakat akan medium perubatan yang sememangnya telah ditakdirkan untuk digunakan untuk merawat penyakit- iaitu bahan semulajadi.

Sekiranya anda inginkan maklumat lanjut tentang ubat-ubatan tradisional, sila layari